S. Sudanese celebrate Independence Anniversary in Uganda

South Sudanese in Arua, Uganda joyously commemorated the 6th Independence Anniversary as they reflect on how Khartoum regime marginalized South Sudanese for many years without development and freedom.

The students expressed their hope and resilience to their motherland despite challenges facing the country. The thanked Almighty God for giving South Sudanese people their own country which they are celebrating today.

The event was organized in Alliance Global College-Arua by South Sudanese United Students Association (SSUSA) to celebrate the 6th Independence Anniversary and emphasized peaceful co-existence of all people irrespective of their tribal differences.

In an interview with three students from three regions of South Sudan, the students interviewed during the celebration unanimously believe that what is needed now is peace in the nation meanwhile they see themselves as one people.

The students demanded equal participation in the National Dialogue which is the immediate and only option to bring everlasting peace. These students are optimistic and confident that peace will prevail in the country through the initiative of the National Dialogue declared by the President to reconcile people. Furthermore, the student’s leader of SSUSA said “we are the majority in this school but we don’t have cases of South Sudanese having grudges with fellow South Sudanese, this is a sign of peace and I believe this is what we should do here in diaspora and extend it back home when we return”.

The students said they should not live in an idle contemplation that peace will prevail, but involve themselves in the process of achieving peace in the country. They believe that youth can do more in the National Dialogue; they urged everyone to desist from tribal mindset and embrace oneness as South Sudanese people.

The youth should not allow themselves to be divided along tribal lines and ties which will be impeding the National Dialogue, the students of Alliance Global College said South Sudanese youth should take academics issues very seriously because education is a powerful weapon which they can use to bring transformation in the country. South Sudanese students appeal to the government and other warring parties to ensure that National Dialogue is not dishonored like other political agreements because so many African countries and the world tested it and it work perfectly.

In another centre where celebrations took place, South Sudanese Students Union in Arua converged together at Nile High and emphasized that their union should not only be seen here in Uganda, and when they go back home it does not exist. The students condemned tribalism and encouraged peaceful co-existence in diaspora since their nation is heterogeneous which should not be disorganized and crumbled into small atoms of tribes or ethnic groupings.

Other celebrations also echoed the same views of the students mentioning that they fought together, died together, and worked together towards achieving independence, development and prosperity of our nation. Therefore, we should also work together as ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION and put aside our tribes and emphasize patience and believe that all these sufferings will come to an end if we give peace a chance. The current status or situation should not discourage us because other peaceful neighboring countries had been in the same shoes of South Sudan for example sisterly country Uganda had been at war with herself for many years since independence in 1962 upto 1986 when NRM government took over the government.

In an interview with Ngong Gabriel Wei, Dean of Students, Bugema University, Arua Campus and who is also the leader of Students Union in Arua said, “the Process of Reconciliation cannot be done by the government alone but all the People of South Sudan from all regions and tribes need to be involved. To achieve peace, collective engagement in the National Dialogue and at the grassroots level is needed,” said Wei.




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