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S. Sudanese artists host party in Arua

By Gaaniko Samson

As part of South Sudan’s Independence celebration, Easter City of Email Fashion and Designing brought most South Sudanese artists together including W J De King, JJD Musical, Peter Gai, Mary Dudu, Dr Honey Franco, and Jacky UG.

The get-together party also brought together most South Sudanese refugees from different settlement.

Speaking to Juba Monitor at Tropical Suites last Saturday, JJD Musical disclosed that he was very delighted to unite with the South Sudanese since the war broke in the country.

JJD said it showed signs of peace, love and unity among South Sudanese living in Uganda and in various refugee camps.

“You should work hard to take back this love to the people in South Sudan by bringing peace back to the people of South Sudan,” he said.

He urged the South Sudanese artists to preach the message of love and peace through their songs.

“I see that people in the camps are filling that peace is already coming to South Sudan which is a positive result to the people of South Sudan,” JJD added.

WJ De King said he returned to Uganda because of peace, love and unity of the people of South Sudan who were live there.

“It is all about being together as South Sudanese that has made us to come to Uganda to celebrate the independence of South Sudan with the refugees and the Sudanese who are in Uganda,” he said.

WJ said South Sudanese need to come together in love and unite for the country to restore lasting peace.

“All of you South Sudanese in the camps and in Uganda will celebrate next year’s independence in your county South Sudan,” he told the crowd.

WJ said he was working on a new track titled “Kele Nina Biu Salam” meaning let’s buy peace.

He said South Sudanese should buy peace instead of guns.

“We need to also buy tractors instead of buying weapons so that South Sudanese will not die of hunger,” WJ said.

Peter Gai one of the South Sudanese singers expressed happiness for meeting his brothers and sisters who fled the country due to the insecurity.

“I am not so happy with the suffering of the South Sudanese in the refugee settlement,” he added.

Gai disclosed that such function could have been celebrated in South Sudan not in Uganda.

“I have hope in the leaders of South Sudan for the positive implementation of the peace in the country,” he added.

He said the only solution to the suffering of the refugees is peace so that they can go back home.

“We are happy and hope that by 2021 all South Sudanese living in Uganda will celebrate the independence in South Sudan,” Gai added.

Jacky UG another South Sudanese female singer urged South Sudanese to shun tribalism.

She expressed her joy over the huge number of South Sudanese who turned out for the event.

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