S. Sudan students’ funds in Morocco should be paid

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The information published yesterday in the newspaper that South Sudanese students in Morocco were demanding for their funds to be paid to support them in academic requirements should be taken serious.  The report went on to say that the money was sent but it was not received. It continued that the money was sent to individual’s account; as a result it was difficult to withdraw. All the above mentioned information needs to be resolved.

The mistake was done right from the beginning of sending the money. You cannot send huge amount of money to an individual’s account.  That procedure was local and wrong. Any official money transferred or sent through bank or any official should be documented to backup information.

However, the details of sending money should start from the right person in the office for accountability. It would not be one person who signed the documents. According to the talks of people, the money was big to be paid to the students. It is like more than the money required for students’ demands. Therefore, the administration of the bank needs break down of the money. That means there was something that went wrong right from South Sudan. The authorities should not play with the money of students and the nation, for the reason that those students are under their responsibility. Money for their support should go direct to them not any other person.

With COVID -19, money must be sent to them in time, so that it helps them to purchase the necessary requirements. Government should care for them because they are the future of this country.  Otherwise, what happened shows an element of corruption.  I am sure this is not the first time money is being sent to students. Why should the mistake occur this time in when they are in need. A committee should be formed to investigate this matter?  As money is evil, especially big amount such as that sent to morocco, thus, it is a serious case that needs to be handled immediately by the responsible body in the country. Otherwise what happened reflects a bad image of South Sudan as a country and Embassy in Morocco.

May God bless us all

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