S. Sudan not among Kenya exempted Countries.

By James Atem  Kuir

The Director of Juba international airport Kur Koul Ajieu has said that Kenyan government hasn’t included South Sudan among the Countries that are exempted from quarantined during arrival to Kenya.

The circular issued by the Kenyan Ministry of transport listed a number of Countries that are exempted from quarantine if arrived to Kenya.

 Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone yesterday, Kur Kuol confirmed that South Sudan is missing out on the list of countries allowed to land in Kenya.

 “What they published is that South Sudan is not in the list of countries that are allowed to travel to Kenya without meeting the Country requirements though (Kenyan airlines) are coming into South Sudan”, he said.

Mr. Kur also said that South Sudanese national was deported back after allegedly entering Kenya through Nadapal with an outdated covid-19-free certificate.

The South Sudanese national whom the director did not mention his name was intercepted by Kenya immigration officials at Lokichogio town while travelling by road.

“According to information I got, he was travelling with an outdated covid-19 free certificate that is why he was deported back to South Sudan,” Kur said.

 Kur warned South Sudanese that the Kenyan immigration authorities will not allow entry of anyone not carrying covid-19 free certificate before two days from the date of issue.

South Sudan and Tanzania did not make it to the list of countries exempted to be quarantined in Kenyan.

On Sunday Kenya reopened its airspace for the first time since March after it was shut down over coronavirus fears.

However, South Sudan foreign affairs deputy Minister, Deng Dau Deng told eye radio that they are yet to be informed by the Kenyan Ministry of foreign affairs about why South Sudan is missing out on the list. “The reaction will come from our Ministry of transport that will seek clarification from its Kenyan counterparts”, Deng explains.

 He added that his Ministry will take up the matter after gathering facts from concerned institutions between the two countries.

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