S. Sudan launches internet domain

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Dot South Sudan, a domain that connects the country to the rest of the world has officially been launched in Juba yesterday.

Dot South Sudan was launched by the National Communication Authority (NCA) by Director General Dr. Ladu Kenyi.

The launch of the Domain now opens up the country for easy access by the rest of the world by just a click.

Speaking during the launch Dr Lado revealed that the country is now online and open for business.

“South Sudan is now online and open for business with our own domain, everything is now made easy,” said Ladu.

Ladu said the country’s resources were used to set up Dot South Sudan without any external funding.

Abdalla Omari, a director from Africa Top Level Domains Organization would not hold his joy for South Sudan when he revealed that the country is now online.

“Today is a great day to remember for us to be online, Dot South Sudan defines who we are and gives us the chance to tell our story our way, the only thing we need is to develop our own content”, said Omari

Omari revealed that majority of the documents online about South Sudan are written by non-South Sudanese who have limited ideas about the country.

“Now that we have our own domain, all we need is now content, so we can write our story, our way not what non South Sudanese write about the country’s culture and other things”, Omari said

“South Sudan’s journey of having its own domain dated way immediately the country got its independence in 2011, the journey has been tuff but today we are here launching our own domain”, said Engineer Unguec Stephen of National Communication Authority.

Joseph Gama of Dynamic Consult welcomed the launch of Dot South Sudan domain and he said that it will create more business for those in the information and Technology sector in the country.

The launch of Dot South Sudan will pave way for any information about South Sudan for example government institutions, hotels, schools and hospitals in the country will easily be reached through the country’s domain.

Before the launch of Dot South Sudan Domain, there has been series of confusion for example, if one searched for a hotel in Juba because the name might be the same, the person is referred to other hotel outside the country but with the domain such confusion will end.

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