S. Sudan is not a dumping site for outdated planes

By Lodu William Odiya

The mayor of juba city has warned aviation companies from using grounded and outdated aero planes because the lives of the people mattered most.

This followed a plane crash that claimed lives in kondokoro-Muri Boma of juba on Tuesday.

Speaking to the media, Mayor KalistoLado Said that people’s lives mattered more than the planes and deserved to be protected by the government and the companies that were operating the planes which were crashing one after the other.

“When planes are crashing like this, it is very clear that they are outdated or may have been be grounded in the countries of origin where they were manufactured and so maybe some people bought them with intention or unknowingly.  South Sudan is not the place for using these grounded and outdated planes.  Civil Aviation Authority should take all the necessary step as the body concerned with the administration aviation together with our national Ministry of Transport,” he said.

“Something need to be done we have already witnessed countless numbers of planes that crashed and we lost our dear ones, we will never get this five dead people again they deserved to live they have families. They got tickets with money to reach where they wanted to go. What are we going to say as a reason for the plane crash”, Kalisto asked.

He urged the people to stand firm with the families of those who lost their live in the plane crash.

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