S. Sudan beats Uganda in creative dance competition

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudan has beaten Uganda in a dancing competition.

The dancing competition that was organized by Willy Entertainment over the weekend in Juba has   drawn so many supporters from the two countries.

The two groups of competitors were competing in “creative dance” and other styles of dancing in music industry.

During the competition event two Judges from the two countries were present to create trust amongst the supporters of each country.

Jay Boi, one of the Judges admitted that Uganda was supposed to win the competition but they lost a lot of times because of the delay during the performance.

“Uganda would have won but because of delay and waste of time to go on the stage that was the  only thing that  made South Sudan to win automatically because as judges time is very important in every dancing competition,” said Boi.

Boi said that Uganda lost with a point because South Sudan got 5.3 points and Uganda managed to score 4.3points.

Manager of Willy Entertainment, Pretty Joy said that the competition is aimed at promoting coexistence amongst the two countries.

“Uganda and South Sudan share a lot in common and through events like this we are reminding ourselves to love one another and promote peace, love and unity,” said Joy.

South Sudan went home with an accolade as no cash prize was given.

Ugandan Judge, Jay Meta however called for more competitions to happen to keep the young people busy and creative.

“I was so impressed by the creative dance styles both countries displayed. This is what we need to keep the youth in the country busy and they should know that talent is wealth,” said Meta.

The dance revolution in South Sudan is going so fast and so many dance groups in the neighborhoods have sprouted up.

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