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S. Sudan artists call for peaceful coexistence

South Sudanese musicians and comedians

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

South Sudanese musicians and comedians called on the citizens in the Country particularly in Yei to embrace peace and coexist peacefully.

Comedian Simbe Thomas encouraged the public to embrace peace at home, with neighborhoods, and in public places in order to stop the suffering people are undergoing.

He appealed to the citizens to preach peace everywhere they go because with peace, there will be development and service delivery.

Thomas urged the south Sudanese to love one another by spreading the goodness of each other to unite the divided people and take the country forward.

“My message to the people of Yei is that; let us have peace at home, with your neighbor and public places. We need to preach peace where ever we go. With peace, we can be able to attain everything. We need to love each other and preach the goodness of one another not the badness. Always when you spread bad things, it turns to be a devil’s workshop. we need to spread good elements in us so that we develop this country,” The comedian appealed.

The comedian requested the Youths to work hard in exercising their different talents in the right way.

He encouraged the young people to use music, comedy-drama drawing, and the other talents given to them by God to entertain and educate the population rightly.

“To all the youths, we are the future leaders. Let us work hard and bring out our talents in different ways. If draw or sing, do comedy or drama so that entertain and educate our people in a good way,” Thomas.

Meanwhile, Maker Lengu Alfred commonly known by his stage name as Mr. Leng advised his fellow upcoming musicians not to take music as a place of drugs.

He encouraged the upcoming artists not to sit on their talents but practice and exercise them in the right way.

Mr. Leng regretted that most of the upcoming singers think that music is all about drugs but believes that music without drugs is the best.

“Music is not about drugs. Many youths begin music thinking that it is all about drugs but it is not. Be like me only taking water and soda. music is not all about taking drugs. Start your music and do not sit on your talents but practice and exercise it well,” Alfred advises his fellow artists.

Alfred encouraged the public to use music as a means of relieving themselves from stress and trauma that has been caused by the conflict in the area.

The speakers made these statements during ourselves program radio talk show on Monday in Yei.

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