A foot for thought

S. Sudan and Ethiopian established border trade

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday it was published in the newspaper that South Sudan and Ethiopian were to open the border between Juba and Addis Ababa to boost trade between the two countries. The information further said they had already opened border in Pagak and planned to open another two soon. 

That was a positive remark and is going to encourage traders and increase better relationship between the two countries. What would happen is to involve trade unions in this programs for the reason that they will have direct communication and build relationship among themselves.  Many Ethiopians are doing business in South Sudan since the establishment of the country. Several of them have big shops in many areas within Juba. 

Others are doing business of water tankers; it is only South Sudanese who are not having businesses in Addis Ababa. I hope they would also have a chance to do the same like Ethiopians are doing in Juba.

That would establish trade relationship between the two countries. According to the information, the plan was for the border to open trades. It is not clear how is it going to be. South Sudanese should be serious with the issue of borders.  The world is still suffering from COVID- 19; open border in the states is to have full control in monitoring the case of COVID- 19.

Not only that, do we have numbers of qualify people to protect border with the issue of COVID- 19.  Authorities should be serious with the issue of diseases in sharing the border. Bilateral relationship is a different thing and looking in to the matter of health is another challenge.  I hope everything would be done for the benefit of the two countries not political arena that can put South Sudan in problems. I know the two countries are not yet stable politicaly, South Sudan should handle it well.

May God bless us all.

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