S. Sudan Africa Online Vocalist winner off to Kenya

By Mandela Nelson Denis

John Ngamwahl the South Sudan winner of the Africa online Vocalist competition will be setting off for Kenya today to collect his awards.

While meeting with the Chairperson of South Sudan National Youth Union, Gola Boyoi Gola, John said that the award ceremony will take place on the 5th of September in Westgate, Kenya.

“I am glad to inform the president of my going to Kenya to bring our awards and prove to the world out there that there is talent in South Sudan and everyone should know that this award is not mine but for South Sudan,” said John.

John also revealed that he will be recording two songs from Kenya before his return to Juba mid-September.

Gola vowed to support the talent of the youth in the country and promised that John will receive a warm welcome at Juba International Airport.

“What John is going to bring from Kenya is a national pride and as youth of South Sudan we have to be supportive to each other, we have to share ideas for the development of our country, I would like to assure John that I will mobilize youth to welcome him from the Airport on his arrival”, said Gola.

John won the best online vocalist and the International award at the Africa online Vocalist competition.

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