Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

When my phone rang yesterday from unexpected caller my mind raised above my expectation because this man had not called or talked to me for a while. I need not to tell you who this man is but l can assure you that he is one of the giant economists in this country. After exchange of greetings my friend went straight to the point. “Yaba, l am seeing some glimpse of hope and signs of purpose. I did not want to interrupt him and listened. “At least something is happening in the leadership which is likely to restore faith and lost hope in the general public. The Economic Cluster is doing something in the public institutions that will possibly bring back faith in the minds of the general public. There are questions being asked by the economic crisis committee under this cluster and these questions can provoke a situation that can possibly and l say possibly turn around the economic growth and create some discipline in the management of public funds. The friend was telling me that the speed in which the economic cluster in the docket of Dr. James Wani Igga, had started putting a mark in the economic recovery. This is the first ever necessary area of development that needs full attention to help bring back order in the public fund management. Of course other clusters, the infrastructures, gender, service and governance are doing what they are expected to do by the country. However, money is where public interests are placed and dwell in. This is why when some officials are summoned to explain the use of public funds in their dockets, they should freely do so because transparency and accountability are the key factors to clean and clear financial management. It should not be taken as witch-hunting and should not open up dens of rumours. The world where we are is full of loose tongues which are more poisonous. These are the tongues that divert attentions from realities. Do not forget that the clusters within the unity government are there to steer the country towards achieving sustainable objectives for the good of the people and not to please few individuals who are bent out to double blend the image of the country. One should be seen to be able to cooperate with whatever comes out demanding his/her contribution or participation in whatever role one has played. Each individual must be ready to move the nation forward and make it a better place to live in for the present and future generation. Those required to explain one or two things within their dockets or jurisdiction should not be seen as being persecuted unless they themselves know something that others do not know. If coronavirus was not there, a number of goodwill people would have moved far forward to help where possible. It is not for one to doubt this but it is also not easy to convince everyone. Each individual has responsibility for the take in the management of fellow-being. It is that important.

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