There is no disease worse than rumours whether confirmed or not. The origins always remain suspect because it has to be started to achieve some goals, mostly ill motives. The rumour dens and sources have been awash with what they want to implant in the minds of the general public. They have questioned and even encroached on the very life of the President of this country without iota of proof until the head of State had to come out to prove them wrong in their long day dreaming activities. When truth is told is far different from unfounded information, which commonly circulated through some media outlets with questionable backgrounds. Rumours must be stopped and action must be taken to those behind the same if found, so that they could tell the public what their intention and motives are. This is not the first time the manufacturers of the fake news or rumours at it again. They have done it before and in all the situations those being named have to come out to prove the manufactures wrong. A country cannot develop or gain stability when rumours are the order of the day, It divert and defeat the very purpose of planning and getting fully engaged in positive activities by consuming time to make things right. The intention of such people should be investigated because they even scare away the world investors. The security organs should be able to investigate the sources of such misinformation, which are based on non-factual hearsay with a view of those behind them not to escape the law. The current rumours that have been clarified are coming at a time when the government is collaborating with the international community worldwide in the fight against coronavirus pandemic. There must be a respect for a country and the high institution in the country.

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