Rumbek Youth Sports Association step up Coronavirus campaign through radios

By Mabor Riak Magok

Rumbek Youth Sports Association in partnership with Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) has stepped up the Coronavirus campaign in Rumbek by conducting radio talk shows on coronavirus in Lakes State.

The Radio Talk show was meant to easily pass out the coronavirus preventative messages to the vast majority in rural villages of Lakes State, Abbas Mayek the executive director of the sport association said.

“We have difference people whom we want to target with messages of coronavirus and this include people who usually listen to Radio and people who are living in rural villages of Lakes State,” Mayek said.

Mayek said there were challenges of insecurity but they would continue to conduct radio talk shows to reach the people in their villages and beyond.

Teresa Yar Majak said the messages of coronavirus which they were delivering to the vast majority of the rural communities on Radio talk shows include regular hand washing with ash, soap and alcohol.

“We know there is lack of hand sanitizers which are not available in the rural villages but rural community people can use ash, soap and alcohol in order to protect themselves from coronavirus,” Yar said.

Yar urged everyone in both rural and urban centers of Lakes State to stop hand shaking, hugging, sneezing openly, spitting in public places, and coughing without covering their mouth.

“This coronavirus disease is real; it shouldn’t be ignored because we have been hearing news of people dying in all newspapers, Televisions, and radis stations in the Country,”  she said.

Yuol Malek , a volunteer working for Rumbek Youth Sports Association said the most ignorant people were the youth .

“We know youth are the most ignorant to the disease, they watch videos in the town, playing football, Dominoes, cards without observing social distancing measures and guidelines issued by the government High Level Taskforce on Coronavirus and the national Ministry of Health,” said Yuol.

South Sudan has now recorded 1919 Coronavirus cases as of Monday evening.

The Youth Sport Association has emerged as one of the leading social organizations on coronavirus awareness in Lakes State.

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