Rumbek Youth sports association launch coronavirus awareness road show in Lakes State

By Mabor Riak Magok

Rumbek Youth Sports Association (RYSA) with support from Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) launched roadshow campaigns against coronavirus in Rumbek Lakes State.

The event which is meant to be targeting 5,000 people was launch on Saturday.

Speaking to Juba monitor in an interview, the executive director of Rumbek Youth sports association (RYSA) Mr. Abbas Mayek Mayen said RYSA articles 6817.1 focus on vehicle moving through roadshow community awareness raising on key messages on Covid-19 Pandemic.

“This activity will help improve access to information on Covid-19 among the Youth and community through dissemination of information, education and communication (ICE) materials, public outreach program using the road show campaign with microphones, and public address loud speaker on moving vehicles in Rumbek Central and East Counties of Lakes State.” said Abbass Mayek

Abbas Mayek Mayen said the activity will target an estimate of 5, 000 of both males and females in the rural and urban towns of Lakes State.

“We want our community to practice social distancing. We have communities outside of towns and those who are in the Town to stop handshake particularly hand to hand greetings among themselves because of coronavirus pandemic which has killed many people. It is a dangerous disease and is killing people every day,” said Abbass Mayek

He said coronavirus infects people through handshakes; social gathering and it can be prevented through avoiding social gathering by applying social distancing, avoiding handshakes and stay at home.

Mayek said the disease causes shortness of breath, cough, high fever, and flow like symptoms whenever you get infection.

Elizabeth Awiel, a female RYSA activist told Juba monitor that they are making awareness to everyone to know the danger and key messages of coronavirus outbreaks and how it can be controlled by the community of Lakes State.

“Our key messages on coronavirus prevention includes social distancing, avoid handshakes and public gathering. We also advocate for the community to keep hand washing with soap, and avoid contracting coronavirus through wearing facemasks every day and do not shake hands with anyone,” said Elizabeth Awiel.

“Yes, I know the symptoms of coronavirus outbreak; they include difficulties of breath cough and high fever, body weakness and heart pain.” said Awiel.

However, RYSA under articles, 6817.1 emerges as one of the top leading social organization on coronavirus awareness campaigns in Lakes State.

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