Rumbek Youth Sports Association distributes hand washing items

By Mabor Riak Magok

Rumbek Youth Sports Association (RYSA) on Saturday launched a distribution of coronavirus handwashing items to all residents of Rumbek Town to prevent the spread of the virus.

The coronavirus handwashing items includes soaps, coronavirus banners and tape jerricans to residents of Malualkodi, Malakia, Akuac and Malualakan.

Speaking to Juba monitor, the Executive Director of RYSA Abbas Mayek Mayen said the distribution of the handwashing items to all the residents in Rumbek town was meant to prevent coronavirus pandemic.

“We did this distribution of handwashing materials to all the residents just because we prevent coronavirus pandemic from spreading. Our people are very ignorant. We give them hand washing facilities such as tape jerricans and soaps for them to wash their hands regularly,” Mayek said.

He said the targets are households residing in Rumbek Central County. The distribution was conducted from door to door.

“We are giving soaps and hands washing facilities to everyone at the house with awareness to them that whoever comes must Wash his/her hands with running water and soaps. Also house owner should regularly wash hands with soaps,” he advised.

Elizabeth Ding Wol, a resident of Malualkodi of Rumbek Central County expresses her happiness and thanked RYSA for providing the residents with handwashing facilities as to fight coronavirus.

“We heard of hand washing coronavirus facilities distribution, but had never reached us here in our houses. Now we are very happy to receive hand washing coronavirus facilities and we shall keep and use them in our houses,” said Ding.

She said the important purposes of receiving such hand washing facilities with soaps is to prevent coronavirus pandemic from spreading and infecting other people, particularly families who are staying at home and being visited.

Mapet Machol Majak, a volunteer for RYSA said they already distributed over three hundred (300) hand washing facilities to local residents in the area of Malualkodi.

He said, the distribution shall continue until other residents of Rumbek Central County received their hands washing facilities.

Alek Meen, a female volunteer working with RYSA added that the aim of distributing coronavirus facilities was for the residents of Rumbek town particularly in Malualkodi area to keep washing hands regularly with soaps and water using tape jerricans in their respective households.

“I would like to inform our people that coronavirus pandemic is real and it needs people to protect themselves from the Coronavirus. No need to get infected while you have water, soaps and tape jerricans in your house,” Alek said.

She urged the residents to keep washing hands with soaps and water as the only way to fight this virus.

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