Rumbek youth hold sport for peace meeting

By Mabor Riak

Rumbek Youth Sports Association (RYSA) with support from Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) held a one day sport for peace meeting in Lakes State.

Addressing the gathering at Rumbek Freedom Square, Abbas Mayek Manyen, the executive director for RYSA urged the youth to eliminate all forms of violence, tribalism, cattle raiding and revenge killing in Lakes State.

“I would like to inform the entire youth of Lakes State to live in peace and harmony among themselves and have a positive team work. Youth are the backbone of the nation and you are instructed to fully participate in nationbuilding to stop violence and encourage positive culture,” he said.

He appreciated the role played by the NPA in supporting Rumbek Youth Sports Association that enabled it to conduct sports for peace campaign in Lakes State.

The Director General in the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports Daniel Ater Kon thanked both the NPA and RYSA for resuming sports for peace in Lakes State.

He said the presence of RYSA in the area has led to the establishment of football clubs and volleyball teams in Rumbek.

“I am happy and I encourage NPA and RYSA to continue doing their sports activities for peace campaign so that youth become ambassadors of peace in Rumbek,” Ater said.

The Director General in the Ministry of Social Development and Child Welfare Jula Allajabo encouraged the youth to maintain the spirit of togetherness and nationalism in Lakes State.

“I would like to thank the NPA for the support that they have given to the young generation through sports activities that will promote peace and reconciliation among them,”Allajabo said.

He said without the NPA support they would have been able to support to the young generation that was coming to replace them.

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