Rumbek University launches computer Lab

By Mabor Riak Magok

Rumbek University of Science and Technology in Lakes State has launched a computer Laboratory on Thursday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the head of Information Computer Technology (ICT) Rumbek University of Science and Technology (RUST) Taban Ajuong Makoi said the new setup of science technology engineering and mathematics system at the University will improve technological skills of designing and drawing for the students.

“We are the ones responsible for programing and enrollment of new intake. Now we have got a new donor that provides us with Labs such as electronic Lab, chemistry, physic, and computer lab for Rumbek University of science and technology,” said Ajuong.

Ajuong said this was the first time for the University to acquire such modern electronic equipment.

“The maintenance is under our sole responsibility but this needs budget for maintenance because these equipment need electricity and power as well as spare parts,” said Makoi.

Richard Ring Kuach, a lecturer at University of Juba for computer science department said the aim of setting up computer labs for the universities in South Sudan is to bring a level of technology closer to the people.

He said, two other labs which include mechanical engineering and biology labs will soon be added to the university.

He said the aim was to bring technology closer to the people.

“The only way to move this country forward is investing in science and technology,” said Eng. Kuach. 

“It will help the students to practice and innovate without getting into other criminals activities to promote this country,” said Kuach.

He said they will offer students basic skills to empower students.

Dean of economic and social studies in Rumbek University, Mateng Dut Malual said the donation of new equipment came from Mark Gelferd through science engineering and mathematics system.

“We have many programmes that we plan for our students, we know very well that most of the students in South Sudan didn’t have access to computers in primary and secondary Schools,” said Dut.

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