Rumbek teachers threaten to strike over delayed incentives

By Mabor Riak Magok

Secondary School teachers in Rumbek of Lakes State on Friday wrote a petition letter threatening to lay down their tools over delayed incentives.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an interview, Makur Nyot Marol a teacher said they have written a petition letter to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of National Education, to inform him about the delay of incentives for teachers.

“When reopening of senior four and primary 8 classes for  candidates was announced by the national Ministry of Education, there were promises to pay teachers’ incentives but since October, there is no incentives being paid to us,” said  Nyot.

Ustaz Nyot appealed to the National Ministry of General Education and instructions in Juba to resolve the matter before teachers laid down their tools on Friday.

“We have fixed Friday as the last day for all teachers to lay down their tools if nothing is being resolved,” said Ustaz Nyot.

He said all government Secondary School teachers will not deliver lessons to learners next week if their incentives are not paid to them.

“We the concerned teachers in Lakes State have taken this lead in inquiring teachers’ rights in your office regarding the challenges facing the teachers in Lakes State and in the country at large. We hope our letter shall be received, read, honored and taken into consideration as expected by the teachers in Lakes State and across the country. We need our right to be addressed this week from today Friday if not we shall laydown our tools until the government respond,” reads the letter signed by the teachers.

 “It’s a constitutional, personal and professional right of teachers across the country to be motivated for services they rendered at the end of the month according to public labor law,” the teachers’ petition letter reads.

However, the director general of ministry of education Ustaz Alfred Agolder Mathok confirmed the petition letter written by the teachers over the delay of their incentives since October.

Mathok said the national Ministry of education in Juba is processing the payment because the approval is made and very soon the incentives will be paid to them.

“Yes, it is the national Ministry of education in Juba that’s responsible for their incentives payments and not the state,” said Mathok.

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