The High Court in Rumbek should be praised by making a landmark ruling in the case which pitted the defunct Western Lakes State and the Teachers union. The money is said to have disappeared in the thin air, misused by some powerful state operatives. When they thought they had walked out free, the court ruled that the money a staggering three million South Sudanese Pounds lost or eaten last year must be paid back in the Teachers Union’s coffer. The money was an incentive which would have help boost teachers situation, it was meant to help the poor teachers who sometimes goes for months without salaries, and not meeting some of their families’ obligations. Although they did not have money to use for the intended cause at their right time, at least the court has put a smile in the union and their members face. This is what is required of a democratic and an independent judiciary. This example should be copied and applied by all public institutions that still consider themselves having moral obligations to the country and her citizens. Those who think they could do wrong to the general public and go Scott free without the law catching up with them must go back to the drawing board to know and understand that the government and the country are not going to allow some few individuals to taint the image of the government at whatever level of operations. Those bent in thinking differently are doomed to fail because there is no room left for swindling or corruption of any nature. Respect for the law of the country must be maintained and given prominent. Those who are still in the dark alley thinking on how to steal from the public must be told that their days are numbered. A country can only develop if law and order is respected.

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