Rumbek fuel price hikes to 500 SSP per liter

By Lodu William Odiya

The authority of Rumbek town in Lakes has reported a hike in the fuel prices in the town as a result of fuel importation at the border.

According to an anonymous source, Rumbek town has been experiencing a shortage for the last two days adding that one Liter of petrol sold in a black market cost 3,000 SSP.

In a telephone interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, the Rumbek town chairperson chambers of commerce, Mr. Juma Gar said that there was fuel shortage last Friday but one truck arrived the following night and fueled the stations adding that currently, the fuel is sold at 500 SSP per liter.

“we heard that there is a shortage and the black market is selling at 2500 SSP, three thousand but there is no evidence that shows that they are selling like that”, he said.

Gar said that they were so optimistic that more trucks would arrive in Rumbek town before today.

In his part, the mayor of Rumbek town, H.W Peter MaliabChieny said that he earlier on,he banned the selling of fuel outside the fuel stations.

“I talked to those who are concerned to ensure the ban of those who are selling the fuel out of the stations, so there is no selling of fuel in black market in Rumbek”, he said.

Gar revealed that currently three fuel stations are operating in town adding that a litre of petrol is sold at 460 SSP.

“There was a demand for the increment to 500 SSP but we told them that it is not unless we see what were the real challenges”, Mayor Gar said

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