Rumbek authorities reduce food prices

By: Mabor Riak Magok

The Mayor of Rumbek municipality of Western Lakes State, Peter Maliap Chieng Malok has issued an order reducing the prices of food items in the market.

The goods include maize flour, sugar, cooking oil, wheat, rice, beans and other goods in Rumbek town.

Malok said the order was meant to make consumable commodities affordable in Rumbek Market by the ordinary people.

He said 50 kg maize flour that was sold at 11,500 SSP has been reduced to 10,800 SSP, wheat price reduced to 10000 SSP, while cooking oil of 20 litres is sold at 8,900 SSP and 50kg of sugar is sold at 12,000SSP.

“The prices of goods in Rumbek market are now affordable to our citizens. We conducted series of meetings with traders in regard to prices and we came out with conclusion that the prices of commodities in Rumbek market must be reduced to give a room for the citizens to access basic needs,” Malok.

“We have directed the law enforcement agencies and the order and is being implemented smoothly without any complaint,” he explained.

He revealed plan was underway to reduce the price of cows in the market that will lead to reduction of prices of meat.

Currently, a kilogram of meat costs 1,200 SSP in Rumbek while a cow of high quality is being sold at 250,000 SSP to 260,000 SSP.

“I have formed a committee to assess the price of a cow and the real challenges that made it prices so high before issuing a regulatory mechanism on the meat price in Rumbek market,’ Malok said.

Marial Achol Amuom, a man who sells meet in Rumbek market confirmed that they sell a kilogram of meat at 1,200 SSP.

“The price of cows are different, the first class bull is sold at over 200,000 SSP and the second class at 150,000 SSP or 70,000 SSP which the last price of buying a cow at the auction,” Marial explained.

“If you buy a first class cow which is fat, you get 500,000 SSP to 300,000 SSP,” he said.

Marial said government should first reduce the prices of cows before reducing the prices of meat in the market.

Salah Addelraman, a trader who deals in maize flour said the prices of goods were high due to the bad roads and multiple taxes in the country.

“In Uganda, 1900 ton of maize flour is sold at $ 519 and each bag is sold at $ 25.95 dollars and $ 9 for blockers which sum up to $ 34,” he explained.

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