Ruling party is ever for the interests of all

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

In any country, there are always groups or parties which may have distinct opinions on how to look in to affairs of their people. This is true for the fact that as humans, we think and act differently. Our thoughts and acts for this matter do not yield the same results and as such, there is always a thought of one group or person as being better than the other. And because the other group may not necessarily accept this weakness, for one reason or another, we tend to divide ourselves and form parties. These parties though, are aimed at only one thing but different approaches by different people. It is until we see one party bringing peace, success and prosperity that we take them for a caring and godly people. However, one party gets a chance to exercise her capabilities as the other ones watch waiting for their turn. The local people give any party a chance to serve them rightly and justly through elections.

But often times, most ruling parties tend to stay in power even if not needed by the people in two ways. One such way is through rigging of votes, or in other words, because they are in power, they announce their party as a winner by force. The other way is before elections, the ruling party uses national funds to their later benefits in the election. In other words, they influence young people and women by giving them money such that during election, these young people vote their party in. It is however not bad to help young people by paying their fees , but it becomes a problem if the party seems to have ill-interests; if they say that they will only pay fees for those students who support their party.  In other words, if they do not work for the interest of all, it becomes useless and dangerous if such a party wins election through such means. Take for example, this country. One national agenda or interest for the South people as the CPA agreement entails, is free education for all. That because, the country had been at war for twenty one years, there needs to be recovery of what we lost through investing in young people; providing them with free education, health and other basics would help the country develop very fast and efficient in all her ways.

As education is free for all in this matter, it can become useless and greedy if the ruling party one day announces to the public that they will only pay for those students who support them. This idea can raise a thought in the minds of citizens that they are preparing to win election and that if they do not influence young people with money, they are unlikely to win. But though, is influencing young people with money, a good way to stay in power? Surely, not good way. As a ruling party however, your mandate is to work for national interest. Building schools, hospitals, constructing roads and prioritizing security of your people, is what makes you the right choice for the people. Not paying for some and leaving out others, not later rigging because the power is in your hands. We must learn that ruling is ever for all people’s interests. This duty of ruling party has never changed and if there outside, someone wants to change this duty to his personal interest and benefit, it is time never to continue thinking this way.

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