Rules to maintain a happy marriage

By Emmanuel loro William  

When you first marry, everything from your honeymoon to your new home is bliss. But what happens when you are confronted with hardships?  Do you immediately give up on the marriage without attempting a resolution, or do you put forward the love you have for one another as a guide to a triumphant outcome? I believe love is the answer. If you can overcome any hardship together, your marriage will become stronger and solid as time goes by. No problem is bigger than human thinking and all solution to problems are found by human.

Despite the bumps in a marriage, you are entitled to be happy and remain happy. If you consider the following rules, you will realize maintaining a happy marriage is not as hard as you may anticipate.

Respect is a must between you and your spouse. Respect each other’s personal space, opinions and belongings. For example, if you feel the need to search your spouse’s phone numbers and messages, and so forth, then obviously you do not trust him or her. If you sense your spouse is hiding something, communicate first. Your suspicions can very well be wrong and hinder the trust and respect established, for example women and men who come late home and knock the door or horning a vehicle as if he or she is the king and queen in marriage, you should always  be loyal give the maximum respect needed.

Trust and responsibility is essential in all relationships. It’s difficult to be in a marriage if trust does not exist. Trust should be accompanied with responsibility: example partners can decide to go somewhere without informing each other, in this case trust should check and balance.

If it’s because of love, then you should give your spouse the benefit of the doubt and allow yourself to trust again. If you can’t trust the person you are married to, then the relationship is going to suffer.

Compromise and forgiveness are important components in a marriage. No one is perfect in this world, unless you are an angel that is why some times we take wrong decision by ourselves.

A marriage should not be one-sided. A marriage is about both parties participating in all decision making, sharing responsibilities and meeting in the middle when one party does not completely agree with the other.

Communication and transparency are also critical in a marriage. I firmly believe communication keeps any relationship healthy and blissful. If something is bothering you about your spouse, work, kids or family, let him or her know. Do not be intimidated to speak your mind or to speak out the truth. You should always be transparent to your wife or husband sharing issues of family concerns for the prosperity of the family.

Acceptance is another important rule. Refrain from trying to change your partner to what you want him or her to be once married. Acceptance refers to any mistake that might occur accidentally by taking the responsibility and blame that yes. And forgiveness should be a grease to smooth out the difference.

If you accepted your partner the way he or she was before marriage, you should also accept your partner the same way once married.

Understanding and commitment to one another contributes to a strong marriage. You may not see eye to eye on every subject matter, but listening to what your spouse has to say will help you understand where he or she  is coming from, for example knowing what he or she like or dislike. Example, in some families this days wives cannot even wash their husband’s clothes, this shows that you are not a committed wife, it should not  be in words, action matters, my tribute goes to men who are dying silently after losing their children and marriage. It’s time to put those rules in action and have a happy marriage.

Many people believe maintaining a happy marriage is a hard task, but it is not. It is only hard if you have lost the love for each other and have not come forward with the truth. As long as love exists, all things are possible. Whenever a difficult situation surfaces, do not falter. Simply hold on to the love that united the two of you in the first place, and work together to overcome tough issues you face.

Finally, all men and women who are dying silently should read this and build their happy marriage once again based on the rules I mentioned for the sake of their children to nurture them in a way that is acceptable to the society.

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