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RRC calls for assistance for Jonglei floods victims

Floods submerge a village in Bor (file photo):

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) has called on humanitarian agencies to rescue the situation of those affected by floods in Jonglie State.

This call followed the survey carried out in the area by the national team of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) in the area.

Speaking to reporters in Bor, the Deputy Chairperson for RRC Santino Bol said they were on the ground on behalf of the national government to assess the magnitude of the floods and its impact on the local people.

“We have moved around the town and the outskirt of Bor. The floods have really caused widespread damages to the livelihood of the people on the ground,” Bol said.

He said that the farming activities in the area have come to stand still as most farms have been submerged by water

“A lot of activities have been interrupted. Livestock displaced and people’s houses collapsed. Latrines distorted. This is the message we have for our government and partners in Juba,” he explained.

Mr. Bol said it was now time for the government to focus its attention and resources to address the issue of victims affected in Bor.

He hailed the efforts taken by the state government to construct dikes but said the initiative should be supported in order to expand the program.

”I am calling on the government and partners to be more proactive. We need to reserve some resources to save the lives of the affected people,” Bol said.

However, Mr Bol was optimistic that the situation could return to normal once the government and partners join hands together.

Jonglei State Information Minister, Atong Kuol Manyang appreciated the team from the national government for their quick intervention.

Ms. Manyang said that they were hopeful that the visit will materialize in to the welfare of the victims.

“We know your visit will culminate to visible development on the sides of the floods affected people as soon as possible,” She said.

According to the Information Minister, the state government was doing its best to control the disaster from increasing.

Ms. Manyang called on the local community to collaborate with the government for immediate disaster management.


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