RPP hails lawmakers over fuel subsidies

By Opio Jackson

The President of Republican People’s Party (RPP) hailed the members of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly over their decision to reject the proposal by the government to scrap fuel subsidies and plug an inflating budget gap.

Wol Madut Aluack Reec, who is also the founder of the RPP said the economy was already in crisis and it was unwise plan by the executive to scrap fuel subsidies which he said it would have caused more crisis than before, “you cannot kill fire with fire unless you want it to escalate”.

Reec said the state owned oil company Nilepet must not also divert the 183 SSP million that is allocated for fuel and misuse it in fuel stations renovation and buying expensive vehicles, “As a political party, we shall not keep quiet because it is useless to continue opening more fuel stations while the already existing ones are unable supply fuel to the citizens”.

He said many indigenous fuel companies have closed down simply because the Nilepet has become a monopoly oil company, adding that the indigenous fuel companies should also be given direct share from the Central Bank instead of the Nilepet.

Last week on Wednesday President SalvaKiir sacked the Managing Director of the Nilepet James Thel weng Mathiang Rok and replaced him with Chol Deng Thon Abel.

Reec said though he does not overturn the decree of the President, the new Managing Director of NilepetChol Deng Thon Abel should work hard to improve the situation so as not to fail.

He said the Nilepet should share the 183 SSP million with the indigenous companies to be able to import fuel in the country so that they compete together.

“If you go around and check at the fuel station run by the Nilepet, you can see something strength as many constitutional post holders and organized forces have left their business and they are competing at the stations inorder to get fuel so as to sell in the black market,” Reec said.

Earlier, RajafMohandis the Executive Director of South Sudan Network for Democracy and Elections (SSuNDE) said without peace, citizens will continue to experience similar situation of the fuel crisis in the country, despite many attempts to change the Nilepet Managing Director.

He also cautioned the executive against their initial plan to scrap fuel subsidies which he said it will create more problems, though it helps the government to save the money.

“Though the government will use this money to pay the salaries of the civil servants, on the other hand it will shoot up the prices in the market because fuel will become very expensive,” he said.

“Transport will also become very expensive. So at the end of the day lifting of the fuel subsidies shall have not improved anything about the overall situation in the country,” Mohandis said.

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