Roundtable discussion on how to achieve everlasting peace

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala

South Sudanese civil society organizations based in Kampala organized a one day roundtable discussion initiated by International Young for Africa and supported by other actors in peace building efforts, discussed number of issues regarding how to achieve everlasting peace in South Sudan.

The meeting held at Mt. Zion Hotel urged all the civil society organizations operating outside South Sudan to support peace and national dialogue as the only best option to bring about everlasting peace and start rebuilding our beloved nation.

During the roundtable discussion, the chief executive officer of International Youth for Africa Mr. Ter Manyang Gatwech explained the goodness of peace to the people of South Sudan given the relevant examples of our neighboring countries like Uganda now enjoying relative peace and they are progressing to achieve middle income policy stipulated in the NRM ruling party national policy to deliver services to Uganda citizens.

Mr. Ter Gatwech further elaborated on the importance of national dialogue in bringing everlasting peace if correctly used for the entire benefit of South Sudanese common citizens.

Speaking in the same roundtable discussion, deputy vice chancellor of Dr. John Garang Memorial University Professor Dr. Meha Ruot Biel categorically explained the usefulness of national dialogue to the people of South Sudan saying when citizens believe in it and own the process it will save time and innocent lives being wasted for no reason. “Fellow citizens, time has come for us to support peace efforts in order to achieve our objectives as a nation,” Biel said.

The same view was echoed by an Independent Researcher Mr. Clement Maring Samuel who said national dialogue is a good initiative that South Sudanese people should use it well, in order to resolve our political differences once and for all, he said as an independent researcher there is no political settlement without dialogue.

One-day roundtable conference was attended by all Kampala based organizations locally run by South Sudanese citizens, counsel Daniel Juol, chairman of South Sudanese Youth Forum in Uganda on national dialogue said we have no choice but to accept ourselves as South Sudanese for the sake of our country. He said we must support national dialogue otherwise the world will not forgive us because we are now being watched whatever steps we are now taking towards achieving everlasting peace in South Sudan is being carefully monitored however our president Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit gave South Sudanese an opportunity to solve our problems once and for all.

In his closing remarks, Don Bosco Malish senior programme officer at the Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa (OSIEA) said South Sudan political crisis need home grown solution and little support from African people for everlasting peace to come you must reconcile and forgive one another in order to achieve everlasting peace, as African people we need South Sudan to be peaceful like other African countries enjoying peace now in the continent by implementing national dialogue declared by your President otherwise other opposing views should send their representatives and dialogue like what we started today in this hall. Don Bosco said with confidence, peace must come back to South Sudan in Jesus name we praise Amen.

The roundtable discussion resolved that we must be responsible citizens and work harder to change the mindset developed towards different communities and accept ourselves as South Sudanese and this message should go to the young people in the country and abroad to responsibly use social media to reunite people of South Sudan.

The conference resolved that South Sudanese citizens wherever they are must immediately stop the misuse of social media with the intention to spread hate speech against other ethnic groups in the country.

All South Sudan people must live and accept one another regardless of where you come from.


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