Rotary club President promises services to communities

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The newly installed president forthe Rotary Club of Juba promised to provide services to the needy communities across the country.

Speaking during the handover ceremony in Juba,Martin Raphael Kanapilly the newly installed President of rotary club of Juba said his administration is planning more projects aimed at helping communities in the country.

“The rotary club of Juba have a lot of projects that we are planning, the first project that we are going to start with, is that we are going to distribute fifty (50) wheelchairs to the persons with disability in Juba,”Mr. Kanapilly revealed.

He added that, it would be followed by the projects that would see the club giving agricultural farming equipment and seeds to the farmers in Central Equatoria and Eastern Equatoria States.

“As one of our mandates and mission, rotary club of Juba is committed to provide service to others as well as promoting integrity, goodwill, peace through its fellowship of professionals,” he stressed.

According to him, the rotary club is a charity organization that aims at helping people who have nothing to support themselves adding that mostly it involves people who have a heart of humanity.

However, he called on its members to join hands and work together as the group looks forward to achieving their goals of helping more communities.

For his part, Simon Gore Augustino, the immediate past President for Rotary Club of Jubawelcomed the new president but urged him to do more in order to take the club into another level.

“Am encouraging my President to work hard in order to take Rotary club of Juba to the next level so that we increase services to those who are needy,” the immediate past president emphasized.

“As our moto says ‘Services above Self’ let us continue to serve to change life of others,” he added.

According to the immediate past President,Rotary Club is all about service to humanity. “We all came from different backgrounds and professions, we feel the needs of our people in terms of health, environment, education, economic empowerment, peace and conflict resolution.”

Meanwhile,Gertrude Ayaa Lubanga President elect,Rotary Club of Juba 2021/2022 said there were some major areas that rotary was committed to and must always make sure it addresses within communities. 

“Rotary has seven automatic areas of operations namely; health general, maternal service, capacity building, economic empowerment, environmental empowerment, peace and conflict mitigation, water and sanitation.”

She said to be Rotarian, it must come from one’sheart that the personneeds to provide for less privileged people around them with what God has blessed them with. 

“Our work as Rotarian is to observe those who are not much blessed like you and together with many people, we can give change to their lives,” he added.

Emmanuel Newmau Ecodo, the Rotary Country Chair South Sudan, said the main thing about Rotarians is that people are for services.

He disclosed that Rotarians were individuals and volunteers who come together to bring change to the world.

“We volunteer our time, we volunteer resources and see howwe can help our communities to get better,” he said.

He said rotary is open to every person who feels that he/her could be party of change for his community or ambassador of change in the country.

He encouraged people to join the clubs in order to provide good services to the communities who are need of help.

“Rotary is for everybody because it is the little you give from what you earn, you can support your brother, sister, mother, father and many more,” he concluded.

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