Rome talks to resumes with holdout groups-Kiir

By William Madouk Garang

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has indicated the intention of the government to resume Rome peace talks with holdout groups under umbrella of South Sudan Movement Alliance (SSOMA) without any preconditions.

During the closure of the 5th Governor’s Forum yesterday, President Kiir had directed peace mediating body – St. Egidio Community to prepare all the necessary steps for the resumption of Rome peace talk.

Rome peace talk had been on hold since August this year when President pulled out from negotiation table accusing SSOMA group of a blatant ‘violation of ceasefire agreement’ and ‘killing of innocent people along roads.

  “The quest for inclusive peace and stability in our country remains our priority. In my recent speech to the joint season of parliament, I announced the paused of talks with holdout group. We took this decision because of the killing of civilians on major roads and highways by elements from SSOMA, it was not because of our weakness,

“I am today asking the community of St. Egidio to begin the preparation for the resumption of Rome peace talk with holdout group without any precondition. I hope SSOMA this time will adhere to cessation of hostilities agreement in order to give room to negotiation that will move talk without further interruptions,” President Kiir was addressing the gathering at the closing of  5th Governor’s Forum in Juba on Monday. 

He cited that many voices including that of Pop Francis were appealing to him to reconsider their position and gave a chance for an inclusive peace for stability in the country.

“We took this decision because many voices have appealed to us to reconsider our position and give the inclusive peace a chance. Yes, because of this Holy Father Pop. Francis has been continuously praying for South Sudan and has been appealing to me to let the peace talk resume. I will now call on St. Egidio to begin all the necessary preparations for the resumption of Rome peace talk with the holdout group,” he reiterated.

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