Rock Stars ends contract with Hardlife group

Rock Stars promotion, one of the leading Event companies in the country has ended its contract with the Hard Life Avenue stars

In a letter extended to Juba Monitor, Rock Stars Promotions announced that its business relations with the group of Hard Life Avenue stars has come to an end

Mantani the leader of the group took to his social media page and wrote. “Thanks to the entire management of Rock Stars Records and Promotions for the business relation we had”.

It was nice working with you, it was a collective contribution to the growth of our music career, and we will be there for each other, where necessary, thanks,” Mantani wrote.

Promoter Sam Loku the manager of the company said Hardlife Avenue Stars was signed in 2014 and their contract had been renewed yearly.

In respond, Sam said he is looking forward to replacing the Hard Life Avenue, “Not necessarily a group but can be an artist so we are looking forward to bring in another talent from nowhere, it is always a process that requires time”.

Meanwhile, the group’s fans like Sandra Tukei said she appreciates Rock Stars for nursing the Hard Life Avenue.

“All the promotion companies in South Sudan should learn from Rock Stars, they brought the group from nowhere to the lime light,” Sandra said.

Another fan, Bidali Moses advised the Hard Life Avenue to work harder and get other promotion company that will continue to support them.

It should be noted that under the management of Rock Stars the Hard Life Avenue has progressed a lot in their songs. The group won the Dream music award in 2015 and it produced several music videos such as “You make heart skip”.

Hard Life Avenue stars comprises of Mantani De Best Boy, Nicky Prince the Vocalist and Linus De Genius who produced most of the group’s songs.

Currently Rock Stars is managing only one music group known as the Stars Eagles that includes Dj Cent, Rebecca Trey, Silver Winner B, and Nesty B.

By Mandela Nelson Denis

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