ROBBERS Loot millions in Jebel Market’s night raid

By William Madouk Garang

A well-organized suspected burglars broke into seven shops at Jebel Market on Sunday night and made away with assets and unconfirmed cash worth millions of South Sudanese Pounds.

On Sunday night the alleged robbers broke into series of shops which were all stationed in one side after using ladder to climb the roof and broke into the rooftops and used ropes to uplift the stolen materials.

Some traders at Jebel Market expressed their fear over thewave of rampant night break-in cases which left them counting losses worth millions of pounds and unconfirmed numbers of materials.

Tradersdecried the deteriorating safety condition in which shops got raided while the security team tasked to guard the market had not been doing their best to protect the properties.

Haron big-man, one of the prey of Jebel thefts told Juba Monitor that the security team were supposed to beef up their patrol especially during rainy nights to help in protecting the properties and he wondered what the role of security team was if shops were still being raided.

“The way things were stolen shows that it’s a well-organized plan because it’s unbecoming that seven shops in one line got broken into. One shop or two could be understandable, but t to break into seven shops in one line is really something dangerous,” big-man lamented.

“The bodies that are responsible for the markets are the one to be heldanswerable, security team which was tasked to patrol the market was supposed to be beef up patrol in the rainy nights because these are the days theft occurs” he said.

He urged the authority to offer full security to traders in the market and prevent any further rampant burglary which had crippled most of the businesses in Jebel Market. 

Yasin Omer Juma, another victim saidthat on Sunday night thieves broke into his shop on roof-tops and stolen items and unclear sum of money adding that security team were not doing their best to protect their properties. 

“Yesterday at night (Sunday) robbers broke into my shops on a rooftop and this is not the first time, last time they broke into my shops, they stole a number of items plus cash.” Juma said.

On his part, another storekeeper Dr. Khalil Khamis said Jebel market was experiencing a waves of alarming burglary cases which was sending signal of fear among traders.

“We come this morning {Monday} to find that the shop were broken into.” Khamis said.

“I did anestimatedinventory of the losses which is SSP 900 with some goods whose value are still unknown missing,” he added.

He also said security patrolling team in the market was supposed to be carried by police agent because they could come into term with tradersand not soldiers adding that traders pay on monthly basis so that their belongings were given full protection.

Dr. Khamis claimed that the Chamber of Commerce had also failed to stand by their side to addresshefty tax collections imposed on them by Juba City Councils apart from addressing the recurring burglary cases in the market.

Thechairperson of Juba City Chamber of Commerce, Stephen Wani Aquilino said they had receiveda call in the morning and they came to witness what had happened.

“Wechamber of Commerce Juba City Council we don’t have police of our own to protect traders but the government‘s first priorities is to offer security. “

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