Robberies on Amadi-Juba road alarming

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Road robberies and lootings by unknown gunmen along Juba –Amadi road is alarming, according to traders and passengers as well as concerned citizens in the State.

Passengers also underlined the recent incident of burning the passenger’s car along the road.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, some passengers have expressed concerns over looted items by the robbers.

Taku Hakim, one of the businessmen who always traveled along the road admitted robbery is very common along the road that brought difficulties in movement and doing business on Amadi-Juba road.

“We were coming from Amadi to Juba, reaching somewhere we saw some two men who jumped on the road with a gun while they were pointing at us using their guns.

“Immediately we were told lying down and instructed to give all the phones that we had as well as money,” he added.

He said the armed groups also told them to pay five hundred South Sudanese pound and they told them in case there was no money their car would be burnt.

Hakim said he at least saw huge amount of money that was taken from one businessman including hard currency.

“The money saved us from what we could not predict exactly was going to happen to us,” said Hakim.

He said their phones and other properties were all robbed and some of them were beaten badly.

“After looting everything we were instructed to get back in the car and leave the place immediately not taking minutes.”

Nancy Iyaba, who traveled to Mundri two weeks back, said they were looted in the same place called Doro not far from the Lanyi.

“I think there is a lot needed to be done by the State authorities because all this ambushes, which involves the looting, burning of vehicles and harassment of civilians are happening just in the area of Doro that is between Jambo and Lanyi.”

She said there is need to State government to bring the forces to patrol the area to stop further looting on the roads in the state.

Last week the vehicle going from Juba to Maridi was burned in Amadi State before reaching to Maridi State.

Efforts to reach the local authority in the state were futile by fresh time.

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