Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odoyo Odongo


It has come to my surprise that any “Nyama choma” road’s meat sellers cannot now be trusted. This came so because on Tuesday Nimule’s Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) arrested a man for slaughtering a domestic dog for sale. This news was run by various media outlets, both print, electronic, social platforms as well as online publications. The Juba City Council Authorities plus other towns’ councils in the country should now come up with a daily routine check-up on anyone carrying out any business of selling any type of meat in the market. It appears like in South Sudan anybody can sell anything in the market. They don’t care because there is no one inspecting them to find out what type of meat they are selling today in the market. When I heard the story, I start doubting whether all the ‘Nyama choma’ meat sold in the market is really for a cow or goat; apart from the one of a chicken and fish.  I think the message about the arrest of the suspected dog seller at Nimule border has shocked many people who might have heard it. It is therefore, the task of the towns’ councils to ensure that those who are selling any meat are properly inspected. They should be given a valid license which details that a particular individual, a business person is dealing in selling specific meat. This should be as well check by health authorities that they are healthy and fit to run such business.  South Sudan is a country where one can find any nationality conducting any kind of business they prefer. I personally perceive something regarding the lack of thorough scrutiny by towns’ authorities towards these business people. I would like to call on Juba City Councils to start screening the road’s meat sellers selling meat in Juba and at the suburbs.  Due to economic hardship where prices of commodities are skyrocketing, day and night like an ant-hill, anybody can start his or her illegal business with anything which is not edible to human being. So some of the business persons dealing in selling meat are not trustworthy in one way or the other.

When the news for dog slaughter in Nimule town was circulated someone told me, the meat roasted along the streets of Juba may not be all from consumable animals. This call now for everyone outside there to be monitoring whatever meat is being sold at their jurisdiction.     

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