Road rehabilitation in Aweil kicks off

By Elijah Akuei Ajou Ajou

Road rehabilitation in Aweil Northern Bahr El Ghazal State has started last week.

The State Authorities said it has handed the work to renovate the road liking Warrap, and Sudan to Ayat road Construction Company.

The plan to rehabilitate the road connecting Warrap and Sudan will improve business activities between the State and Sudan.

Speaking to the media, Governor Tong Akeen Ngor, praised the company for their commitment and acceptance to start the work on the road.

 “We are in a hurry and we wanted you to focus on the quality of the road network in the state. This road you are working on will help us do business with Sudan and bring some properties which are still in Khartoum,” Governor Akeen said.

Eng. Hishman Ahmed Mukhtar, Ayat Roads and Bridges Construction Company manager thanked the state government for awarding the work to Ayat Company.

 “We Ayat Company workers, we are all ready for Renovation of  all roads in South Sudan, and Ayat Company started in Northern Bahr El Ghazal state, before it worked in some states in South Sudan. Now we have started the renovation from Aweil to Majook- Yiethuou,” Eng. Ahmed said.

He added that the company agreed to renovate over 112 km road as well as from Awiel to Majok Yiethuou saying the company was capable to cover 2.5 km in a day.

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