Road ambushes alarming

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The South Sudan National Police Service SSNPS Deputy and acting Police spokesperson Col. James Dak, said despite peaceful Easter celebration in the country, road ambushes remained the biggest security hazard to the country’s regime.

“Easter celebration was peacefully enjoyed althoughfew cases of niggas in the areas like Seiria Battery, and other parts of Juba were reported but police managed to control them,” Col. Dak revealed.

Col. Dak added “The only thing that have caused havoc and very headwind to the regime was the road ambushes along Juba-Yei and Juba-Nimule roads, these roads were important to us because these were where the daily commodities come from to the country, as a landlocked country,” Col. Dak stressed.

He said South Sudan mostly depend on those two major roads, he particularly pointed Juba-Nimule road saying it was the road that connect South Sudan to all East African Countries.

He further added that, it would not be favourable if those roads continue to experiencing such ambushes and get closed.

“This is worrying the whole country because the recently ambushes were targeting the trucks that are carrying the commodities, and just like we have been getting news of our neighbours trying to stop their drivers to come to the country which is really dangerous to our country,” Dak the deputy police spokesperson said.

Col. Dak however, stated plans that need to be put in place were underway.

Among some plans he mentioned was that, there was need to restart escorts for all the vehicles in order to keep flow of the goods into the country.

“As South Sudan National Police Service, we have made our recommendation to the high authority and we have recommended that for our market to boom up as commodities prices become higher, there is need for the country to form a committee that could address the issue,” he stressed.

However, he expressed his contentment to Christians for the peaceful Easter celebration in the country adding that they really respect and maintained the COVID-19 preventive measures in all whatever they did. 

Last month, vehicle ambush along Juba-Yei road occurred and many people were killed including four Ugandans and cars also burnt down.

Last week on the 1st of this month, two vehicles were attacked along Juba – Nimue road,an incident which claimed lives of many people and also the trucks were burned to ashes.

 South Sudan People’s Defence Forces SSPDFhas accused the NAS of attacking people along the Road.

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