Road accident has reduced in Juba-Traffic Police

Gen. John Juol Buodboud Assistance IGP for Traffic (Photo: Opio Jackson)

By Opio Jackson

The Directorate of Traffic Police in the national government said there has been a significant decrease in the rate of road accidents in Juba.

General John Juol Buodboud, Assistance Inspector General of Police for Traffic told Juba Monitor in an interview that his department has registered a decrease in road accidents within Juba compared to the past.

He attributed the decrease in road accident to presence of traffic police in every street.

“We have increased the number of our forces in the streets and traffic police are everywhere within Juba,” Buodboud said.

However, Buodboud stressed that their main problem was the issue of weekends which he said most drivers drive while they are drunk ending up causing accidents.

“We have prepared our strategies and ready to handle the issues of weekends especially those who drink and drive,” he said.

According to the assistant IGP for Traffic, they have received some vehicles from the Ministry of Interior and very soon they will expand their patrols in Juba as well as respond to the emergency cases.

Gen. Buodboud said while road accidents reduced within Juba, accident along Juba-Nimule Highway still remains a challenge. He explained that most of the accidents occur between Nimule and Nyolo, Nyolo and Nisitu.

He said at least three vehicles have been deployed along the Highway together with organized forces to help in emergency cases.

There have been several accusations against the traffic for allegedly collecting money from motorists without issuing receipts but Gen. Boudboud warned that no traffic police was allowed to collect money without the receipt.

He said if there was anybody who paid money without the receipt; the person should report it to his office.

He reiterated that no motorist was supposed to pay more than what was written in the receipt.


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