River pollution

By: Anna Nimiriano

Rivers, lakes and other sources of water are natural resources created by God for human beings to benefit from. According to scientists, a human being cannot live many days without drinking water, for the reason that water is one of the most importance items in the body of human beings and animals.

If you pollute water whether in the river, lake, sea and others, it could affect animals living in the water as well as human beings.  That is why it is advisable for everyone not to pollute river water, because we are drinking from it and animals. If harmful objects are thrown in the water, it affects animals; if a human being happens to eat that particular animal, it affects them too.

Yesterday it was reported in the newspaper that there were samples from three separate locations around the lake showing that it contains high levels of lead, arsenic, aluminum and phosphorus which are not good for human life when consumed in certain quantities. According to the information it was founded in Lake Victoria. However, Uganda government should take care of it as the pollution could affect its citizens and animals. Secondly, South Sudan government should also protect its citizens because Lake Victoria water flows up to South Sudan. Those who throw such objects should face the law if they have been arrested.  It is a crime against humanity.  

South Sudan has similar case, it came through unclean environments. If garbage is dumbed and others thrown in the streams, when it rains, all those waste would pollute river water. As a result, it harms human beings and animals. For the case of South Sudan, majority of people are drinking water from the river. Those who are buying water from water tanks; sometimes it’s treated but not purely clean for drinking.

In the rural areas, some people drink water from the same water source where animals drink. Several times they get affected by disease that animals have, due to poor hygiene and lack of facilities for clean drinking water. In most cases, it is being experienced during rainy season. If garbage is not being collected in time, rains could wash the waste in the streams and take it directly into the river and affects those who are drinking water direct from the river.

Therefore, it is important for us to take care of our river by not throwing harmful objects in to it so that it does not affect our health and animals.  We should keep drinking water that is being treated by the authorities of the states not from the streams. The government should introduce mechanism to prevent people from throwing waste in the river.  

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