Rising music star drops new single

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

Rising RnB music star M Classic aka Mathiang has released a heart-warming single titled ‘Ya-gamar’, a song that teaches about trust in romantic relationships.

It is a love song that revolves around the life of a young beautiful lady who was engaged to M Classic but continues to draw the attention of men from the neighborhood.

Having a beautiful wife will require trustworthiness and believe in the person she is in love with because of the several challenges from other competitors.

“Ya-gamar is this beautiful woman am in love with but because of her extremely beauty given by God, many men continue to disturb her despite knowing that she is engaged and we are able to remain in love because of the trust I have for her”, he said.

M Classic revealed that his song is teaching loved ones to trust each other as the only way their relationships can last longer and forever.

“There is no relationship that will last long if there is lack of trust, you cannot stop your beautiful wife from talking to other men because you fear someone will take, all you need to do is trust her”, M Classic said.

M Classic is a vocalist whose music dwells around love and things happening in the community.

The singer also attacks men who continue to disturb women who are already married.

“If you know a woman is already taken, then stop disturbing her that you need her for marriage,” M Classic said.

Ya-gamar also educates married couples to solve problems peacefully without causing injuries to each other.

M Classic has a full album of fifteen songs with plans of releasing them by mid-year in Juba.

The singer got inspired by fellow South Sudanese vocalist Cj Oman, with whom he shares the same band.

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