Rising dancehall music sensation aims higher

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Rising dancehall music star Jok Kiir alia King Shabbi, formerly a member of the United Kings Entertainment is aiming to be the face of the dancehall music genre in the country.

In his early twenties, Shabbi who started music in 2015 through his songs Ability and Selector is wowing fans who have fallen in love with his taste of music.

The singer spoke to Juba Monitor about the confidence he has in becoming a top dancehall music sensation in South Sudan.

“I am not crowning myself but my fans can tell you when it comes to dancehall music we murder it [sic]. And the dancehall music that am doing is the new era of music not those old school dancehall vibes that was done in the days,” said Shabbi.

Shabbi rose to the music industry with his Mirisa and Ability songs that rocked the airwaves of Juba’s radio stations.

Big Sammy of Top FM described Shabbi’s music as the new trend of dancehall everyone would want to dance to.

“King Shabbi brings the vibes in the dancehall and each time his songs are played on the radio many keep requesting for more. He has a future,” said Sammy.

Dj Mic of Kili-Kili ana comedy Extra is a fan who enjoys playing Shabbi’s songs because of the heavy tune in it.

“Mirisa and Selector are among songs that do not miss my play lists and to be honest King Shabbi is great in what he is doing,” said Dj Mic.

Producer Bobi told Juba Monitor that all King Shabbi needs is support so he can shoot quality videos for his audios.

King Shabbi is known for songs such as Ability, Marisa, African gal, Dugu Dugu Style and Selector.

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