Riders strike in Yambio demanding to increase fare

By Baraka John

Motorbike riders commonly known as bodaboda in Yambio County on Mondaystage a standoff demanding better increment on transportation fare.

The commercial motorists accused the director of traffic police in the Statefor hikingnumber plate fees and ridding permits that forced them to stop work in order to ask chamber of commerce an entity responsible for business activities to approve the increment of 100SSP on top of 200SSP old fare per trip.

Jackson Gaaniko the Acting Chairperson of commercial motorists in Yambiosaid, pricesfor  spare parts hadskyrocketed in the past days.

“Previously we use to buy one litter of engine oil for 700SSPbut now it has increase to 2,500SSP, a single Tube was traded at 500SSPcurrent market price is 1,500SSP. All we need is the authorities should agree to our demand to increase 50SSP on top of our 200ssp as charge fees for town service,”Gaaniko said.

 Canal Santo Archangel Ginana Director of traffic police in Western Equatoria State saidthey could notincrease the fare of motorcycle number plates neither the ridding permits, saying the fare comes right from the national government.

“This accusation is not true because in December last year I called all the head of commercial motoristsand I showed to them a copy of a document from the national office for traffic police detailing the fare and number plate,”Santo said.

The riders took to the streets of Yambio demonstrating their frustration over slow response by the Chamber of Commerce over their request they submitted last year asking to increase transport fare.

The complainants said the request was sent to Chamber of Commerce with the aim to address their issue but the office failed to handle the matter prompting them to stage peaceful strike for their right as business community.

 Mr. Victor Elisa Babu the Chairperson ofYambio County Chamber of Commerce said the decision to increase transport fare for commercial motorists is not the responsibility of his office alone,arguinghe forwarded the case to the high authority.

“In this matter we the Chamber of Commerce went to the high authority the director for economic and planning to discuss the matter, what we discussed was instead to increase the transport fare, the economic cluster decided to reduce price of fuel at petrol stations,” he said.

The motorists said they will not reduce operation until the chamber of Commerce agree to their request.

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