Riders accuse traffic police over extortion of money

By Martha David  

Rickshaws riders in Juba are complaining over the unnecessary money that is asked by the traffic police officers on the streets.

On Wednesday, the traffic police officers held a campaign to detect driving license and lock book at Konyokonyo Market and arrested some drivers over unlawful documents.

Jada Ladu, a Rickshaw rider at Konyokonyo market told Juba Monitor that the traffic police are really disturbing them some times on the street despite having a legal   documents at hand.    

He added that some of  the police officers were asking any amount of  money from the drivers  to allow them continue with their work for the rest of the day in case of not having  complete documents.

“Some of the traffic officers stand on the road and ask drivers to pay a receipt of 250ssp, that one we can pay, but again if you have no legal and complete documents you will be taken to the station and charged 5000 SSP, paying 5000 is very hard, and in some cases they ask you to pay whatever money you have to avoid more problems or to be taken to the station,” Jada said.

He stated that paying five thousands or any amount of money is not necessary and it is affecting them as drivers who carry only three passengers and with the economic hardship it is really disturbing.

Another rider Emmanuel said that the traffic police charge them money that they cannot afford.

“The traffic police are really disturbing us, as for me I have the entire legal document but still sometimes they ask you for any amount of money, some say give me for cigarettes or tea,” Emmanuel said.

Thomas Mabith also a Rickshaw rider said that the traffic officers charge money in case of not having the legal documents or they will take you to the station to pay the money in case of unlawful issues.

However when Juba Monitor contacted the Director General of Traffic Police Maj. Gen. Kon John Akot said that the drivers of the rickshaws were lying, adding that if they had come across that why they didn’t report to the police.

“This is a lie if anyone has such complaint out there let that person prove that the traffic officers were asking for money from them,” he said.

He added that the Rickshaw riders were the most people who are against the traffic laws on the streets.

 “Not all the traffic officers ask for money, some of them are doing their work, any one complaining, let him prove that and report that officer to us, so that we know,” John said.  

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