Rider wounded as robbers made away with bike in Mauna

By James Atem Kuir

Armed robbers shot and wounded a motorcyclist and took away his bike outside Mauna Complex Hospital in Mauna residential area Friday morning, last week.

The boda-boda cyclist whom neighbours in Mauna identified as a Ugandan national, was transporting a trickster passenger to Mauna Complex Hospital at about 5am.

“However, on reaching the Hospital, the deceitful passenger demanded thathis transporter to hand over to him the keys of the bike”, said a neighbour who spoke to Juba Monitor on condition of anonymity.

He said the boda tried to resist the assailant but another robber emerged behind with a pistol and shot him twice, wounding him in the thigh and took away his bike.

“I heard him crying: ‘Thief! Thief! Thief!’ But it was still too dark, we couldnot come out immediately. After some times, we could still hear him crying, we came and found he was bleeding a lot,” the source told Juba Monitor Newspaper over the weekend.

The source also added that police came later at day break and took the wounded cyclist with them.

Residents of Mauna said they had been experiencing night armed robberies and Friday’sincident was the fourth involving a boda-boda.

Col. James Dak, the police deputy spokesperson told Juba Monitor yesterday he was yet to receive reports of the incident.

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