By Akol Arop Akol

Some people in our community today behave like they were born with wealth. When they achieve something in life, they become proud to the extent of giving a blind eye to the people around them.

Some of them disappoint parents and relatives who brought them up and they separate. No child grows and become independent on his or her own.

All of us were once young and somebody took care of us until our lives improved.

We should remember those who gave backups when we were at zero level. Have we forgotten the words of inspiration, materials and financial support that our families and the members of the community gave us? How do we pay back?

We only can pay when we find children who need help and be good Samaritans to them. Whatever we accomplish in life is good for us and everyone in the community.

The elderly people who could not work for themselves need us the strong youth to support them. We don’t have to ignore them because once they fathered and mothered us.

The wealth we may gain is both the result of our hard work and blessing from God. So when someone is rich, he or she should not forget his brothers and sisters who are struggling.

It is a human nature that, we only want to be near rich people, those whom we are proud to walk and talk with and those who will intervene and help us in time of needs.

When we are poor, we look for those who will add value in our lives. But many don’t love those whom they will run to with a complaint and then respond crying that there is nothing.

Do we also do the same when we succeed in life? Do we bring up the young ones to be successful like us? Many don’t want to see those in need around them. They feel reminded of their poverty of ago-years.

We’re not all automatically involved in this kind of betrayal that the thrived people do but it is a reality that every one of us has seen it happening in life. Most people in our society are brought up with hopes of being great people in the future but when they succeed they forget to give back to the community.

The more people earn money or possession is the more they are likely to distant themselves away from the needy.

Unprivileged ones may try to respect and admire the fortunate ones but they repel them like magnetic like-poles.

World is not fair because many don’t care about their friends and colleagues who need support.

They would only need to be respected and worshiped as if gods. What they fail to understand is that human’s life is equal but it is only the Earthly materials that make us different. No one is fake or valueless.

Looking at others with judgmental eyes is a criticism against God because He created everyone in unique designs and He loves them All. He knows the reason why He allows them to live.

This behavior in our world today where people are treated according to how they look and what they have instead of their characters makes life difficult and that is why many fail when they cry for help but are given deaf ear.



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