Rhino refugee camp faces water shortage

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

Rhino refugee camp in West Nile, Uganda is hit by shortage of clean drinking water.

Alex Laburia, the Chairperson of Refugees Welfare Council for Ofua III Rhino camp, told Juba Monitor on Wednesday that the lack of clean drinking water in the camp has coupled with the onset of dry season.

He said a jerrycan of water is now sold at 1,000 Uganda shillings which most refugees who depend on food ratios cannot afford.

 “These days we no longer see the service provided by Oxfam, ACAV and some of the small NGOs partners supplying water to the refugees as before,” Laburia commended.

He added that some of the solar systems that used to generate energy to supply water to some of the blocks were dismantled and stolen by some individuals.

The Chairperson said the tap water project under the Ministry of Water and Environment is only found in some specific blocks in the camp which are regulated for only two hours in a day.

“The water supplied by the umbrella has high demand but the supply is very low with the high and increased number of the refugees in the settlement with the host communities, you find it not enough for everyone who need water,” he expressed.

Laburia stressed that the leaders in the camp met in a meeting so as to address the situation.

 “We are having a proposal for Northern umbrella to take charge of the tankers which are used by Oxfam so that enough water is supplied to the refugees,’’ he added

He further stated that, the boreholes which were available have been broken and dilapidated saying refugees do complained the boreholes water have often cause waterborne diseases whenever they drink.

He added that refugees preferred taking their elders to the urban towns such as Koboko, Arua as well as at the boarders in search of clean drinking water.

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