REVENUE-Gov’t to commercialize 36M livestock

By Yiep Joseph

The government with support from UN-Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)is set to commercialize over 36 Million livestock in the country as one of the moves to generate income through Non-Oil sources.

Speaking to the Media yesterday, the National Minister of Livestock and Fisheries OnyotiAdigo revealed the move to commercialized livestock was to increase non-oil revenue and create more jobs.

The sentiment was supported by remarks from DR, Jacob Koro the Director General of Veterinary Services who reaffirmed that the move to commercialized livestock sector would add more revenue to the economy of the country and reduce cattle raiding.

“Our communities keep livestock for prestige, for dowry and other things but the main goal should be to get money, we have to commercialize livestock. It can be in two ways; we have internal trade which is from state to, if you are in need of some thing you can take one of your cattle to the market and get money, pay school fees for your child and do other things” Koro said.

He revealed that livestock could also be sold to the neighboring countries in order to get income

“We need to take livestock to the neighboring countries in order to get money” he added.

“If we have standard slaughterhouses, we can do it here and send the meat to sell in some of the countries to get income and contribute to our economy” he revealed.

He called on the communities to stop fighting over issues related to cattle but use them to get money to solve their problems.

“Instead of fighting because of cows it is better we sell them and get income to solve our problems at home” he appealed.

In the same event, Mr. MaloMeshack FAO Country representative appealed tothe government to commercialize livestock in order to increase Non-Oil revenue and create jobs in the country.

“One of the things we need to do is to ensure the commercialization of the livestock and Fisheries Sector, ones we do this there would be work for the veterinarians” Malo appealed.

“This month we were in Torit with the Minister inaugurating a butchery we put up there and could see by Mid-Day the meat was finished and veterinarians were there to ensure the meat was inspected before being consumed in Torit town” he added.

“If we commercialized then we would have more jobs. This month we were in Kuajok to open a slaughter house, we have many that can improve the standard and toensure food safety in which the veterinarians will automatically get work” he explained.

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