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REVENUE – Authority to hire 600 to improve tax collection

Dr. Attipoe Olympio, Commissioner General National Revenue Authority (NRA) addressing journalists during a joint webcam video conference conducted in Juba and relayed to Kampala (Photo: Martin Manyiel Wugol)

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

South Sudan National Revenue Authority (SSNRA) intends to recruit over 600 personnel to ensure accountability in non-oil revenue collection.

The National Revenue Authority Commissioner, Dr. Attipoe Olympio said the country highly needed skilled and professional people to do the job of collecting revenue and taxes for the common good of the citizens.

Dr. Olympio made the statement during a webcam video conference training in Juba which was connected to Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) office in Kampala.

He reiterated that the revenue authority would carry out massive recruitment of at least 650 personnel to fulfill the task and to ensure efficiency of tax collection mechanism by reforming revenue collection system in the country.

“The national revenue authority is working hard to revoke the licenses of clearance agents which have no capacity to delivery according to the system required,” he said.

He said the 13 local commercial banks in the country that were used for banking revenue collected will be reduced to only five and only thoroughly vetted banks will remain effective.

He revealed that they had already secured a capable company that would be able to track and detect all stations and entry points of all goods right from Mombasa to it final destination to ensure smooth collection of revenue and non-revenue taxes.

Dr. Olympio hailed the government of Japan for its continuous support to the SSNRA especially the recent training conducted by JICA for Clearing Agents.


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