Cover Story

Revenge killing left one dead in Rumbek

By Mabor Riak Magok

Revenge killing over girl who was allegedly impregnated three years ago in Rumbek County of Western Lakes State has left one person dead on Saturday.

The Commissioner of Rumbek County, Manyiel Riak Manyiel had confirmed the incident but said calm has returned to the communities of the bride and the bride groom.

Addressing mourners on Tuesday, Manyiel urged the family of the bridegroom to follow justice and rule of law instead of revenging against the bride’s family.

He assured the relatives during the gathering that his administration had received credible information from the military sources that the suspect voluntarily surrendered himself and was under military custody awaiting investigations.

Mr. Manyiel warned chiefs under his administration against protecting murderers in their villages, saying any chief who failed to apprehend suspects would be jailed.

“All chiefs, community leaders and elders should stop encouraging youth to fight over impregnating. Such misunderstanding often ends like what happened between these two communities,” he said.

The State Minister of Physical Infrastructure Kedit Madol appealed to all the relatives and friends of the victim to refrain from taking the law into their hands.

“I want the youth, particularly, the relative of the victim who was killed due to revenge, to follow the case through law,” said Madol.

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