Returnees receive support in Latjor State

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

At least more than 1000 returnees have received clothes from the office of State Deputy Governor of Latjor State.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday over the phone from Nasir capital, Nyanuer William Nyuon said she warmed the hearts of the returnees when he told them it was the government’s responsibility to ensure their security, promising, “That, we will do.”

Nyanuer, appealed for more support from the humanitarian agencies, as she called on those who want to ruin the peace process to lay down their arms and get on board. The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in collaboration with humanitarian stakeholders, provided a good opportunity for the returnees to express their wishes and expectations.

She added that growing number of South Sudanese citizens scattered within the country and neighboring states have started returning home in the months following the signing of the Revitalized Peace Agreement. While others from the UNMISS Protection of Civilians’ sites have returned home in various parts of the country.

Koang Gatlier, one of the returnees from the Gambela refugee camp in Ethiopia said people aged 24 and 35, know exactly what they want, and so they are appealing for help so they can get it.

“I returned with a number of children who are ill. But they could not find the medication required at the Nasir hospital. “With our return, I am expecting that we can have food, shelter and above all our security can be guaranteed,” Gatlier said,

 He added that “I am currently staying with my uncle, and as the eldest son of my father [who is dead] and my elderly mother, I must put up some shelter for my family and the rest of my siblings,” he said.

 “We also lack numerous non-food items, and I hope that the humanitarian agencies will be able to help us find our feet, settle and start doing things for ourselves,” Gatlier said.

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