Returnees express anger on registration criteria for aid

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Some returnees in Yei River County are expressing displeasure in the registration for aid by humanitarian organizations.

An anonymous returnee, who spoke to Juba monitor in an interview, explained that since her return, some Chiefs and networkers are registering in fault despite all proper efforts by Relief and Rehabilitation Commission.

She explains that some registrars are bribed to enrol and later paid a quota of the amount given: twenty-seven thousand, five hundred and fifty South Sudanese Pounds.

The returnee calls on all citizens in South Sudan to embrace harmony for peaceful coexistence.

“Iam a returnee but am disappointed that since we came, there is no support that we are getting. Upon our arrival, we were registered by the office of relief and rehabilitation commission in the county but no assistance was given to us.we were registered in the area but the person registering will demand to be compensated by cost sharing what will be received. This is done by the chiefs and networks, “reveals the returnee.

Earlier over the weekend, the Relief and Rehabilitation Director Moses Mabe disclosed that there is a rise in the number of returnees in the county.

He mentions that organizations like Fin Church aid, Relief and UNOP are helping vulnerable, returnees and IDPs in the county.

“This issue of cash has been for all, especially for the host so long you are qualified to benefit because they are targeting the most vulnerable and if you are a voluntary returnee who meets the qualification, then you deserve to get, we have organizations like Fin Church aid, Relief and UNOP are helping the vulnerable returnees and IDPs in the county, “discloses Mabe.

Paramount Chief of Yei River County Joseph Brown Lomuse admits that some bribes are conducted in registration of returnees within areas.

He advises the citizens to cooperate with the returnees.

“It is not good to be bribed in order to register a person who deserves to be registered. My office has received several complains of such nature. These issues are mostly done by networkers because some of them work without involving the chiefs. If there is an assistance that is to be given to certain groups of people, it should be known. If it targets disabled people, it should be given to the target group or if it is meant for vulnerable, it should be given to them, “advised the paramount chief for Yei County.

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