By Malek Arol Dhieu (Guest)

As more than 10,000 refugees have voluntarily returned from Uganda and Congoaccording to the Director of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission, Moses Mabe in Yei River County, voices calling back South Sudanese refugees living in diaspora should be raised higher to make sure they are heard. No other thing gives meaning to the Revitalized Peace Agreement than the return of refugees to South Sudan as it indicates the total assurance that war has fled South Sudan. If voices calling back refugees from neighboring countries are not trusted as one can guess, the commitment of the two warring parties in the names of SPLM and SPLM-IO together with the other signatories to the Revitalized Peace Agreement is a trusted voice to give an attention to. Whether refugees believe it or not, the significance of this peace agreement is paramount as many of its indicators are blinking to signify that the direction taken is the right one. One more assurance is that hindrances to full implementation of peace happening now, such as continual killings, internal rebellion within the SPLM-IO, absence of NAS in the process, among others, are the same with the ones that took people back to the bush in 2016, but they are happening now and all the signatories keep promising never to take people back to the bush. This is more than an assurance in its entirety! Why does it look a solution to have refugees returned back to South Sudan? This is because the language the refugees speak in order to win the heart of the international community to shelter them adequately is so exaggerated that it does not match with the language in which South Sudanese on the ground speak.Though it gives them a credit to remain accommodated, it too revokes the importance of the peace agreement which stimulates the international community to open its doors of assistance much wider than before. The only thing the Revitalized Peace Agreement requires of all South Sudanese is an embracement and this can be achieved when refugees return home.

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