Going by results from the oil and power conference, there are all hopes beyond hopes that investors in the sector are gearing up to come to the country and participate in the development of the industry. The two-day event attracted more than 600 participants both locally and internationally. It means that the system has brought up some hopes and soon the results will be obvious. Since oil is the main source of revenue it is to be supplemented with non-oil revenue sources. This of course demonstrates and confirms what the Minister whose docket covers the sector, Eng. Daniel Awow Chuang that there had been tremendous increase of oil production in the present areas and that the government intends to increase the field within a short period of time. This is why during the official opening of the conference, the first vice president, Taban Deng Gai assured the participants that the stand to help develop the sector since peace was within reach. Investors should come and not only look to the oil sector but also venture into other areas of basic needs. Already the agricultural, mining, animal husbandry and industrial set-up and many more need attention. The most important thing is to set priority right and each public and private institution must do what they are supposed to do or what their dockets demand of them. Such conferences should be organized for the benefit of the public who should be able to be exposed to the reality within the country. Not many are privy to know what they have in their own back-yard in the name of natural resources. The kind of exposure the oil and power conference has given would remain an asset to the sector and the country at large. Other public sectors should be in the forefront of educating and exposing the general public to what would remain beneficial to them.

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